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Product Positioning and Design


  • The cost of failure increases significantly with each stage of progress.
  • We place a strong emphasis on getting the right people in the room and understand the needs, requirement by running focus groups / workshops with clients and end customers.


  • We evaluate ideas and solutions at high level through various lenses of:
  • Technology - we evaluate different ways of brining the idea to life leveraging our technology expertise.
  • Comercials - we design a high level benefits case where relevant to enable out clients to choose the best option and progress with confidence.
  • Customer - we put ourselves in the end customers shoes and design various use cases for the product to ensure easy usability of the product. We get number of constraining inputs like look, weight, shape.
  • Benchmarking - we benchmark the new product against the likes in the industry and also across the patents, enabling us to file patents with the clients.


  • Customer is at the heart of our innovative designs for products that are intuitive to use, focused and sustainable.
  • We have a no fuss minimalistic approach to design.

Product Development


  • We have all the required mechanical, electronic, electrical and applications infrastructure to develop prototype based on the ideas quickly.
  • We follow a agile iterative process with full visibility to the client. This brings down the development time and reduces the chances of going back to the drawing board.
  • Also, we design to manufacture and work closely with our clients to minimize iterations in product development.
  • Designing to manufacture has conventionally brought down the R&D costs by 50%.


  • We througoughly test the product not just for performance but also for usability, likability, reliability, etc.
  • We involve the end customers, clients in the testing to ensure a comprehensive feedback.

Global Production Launch and Support


  • We provide manufacturing support to start up companies or companies investing in new ideas to produce the Proof of Concepts to test in the market.


  • We can work on products with breakthrough innovation, incremental innovation as well as support theh R&D mandate of the company on an on going basis.
  • We provide excellent support for the products we have helped design and develop.